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Rocklin's Tutoring Team

Reading and Writing Programs

Our tutors are experts teaching our reading and writing programs and are up to date with the local standards and outlines for essays in the classrooms. They also excel at motivating students to find their voices in their writing. We help with essays for students in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Sherrie, the owner, can even help students who are far away and have gone off to college by doc sharing. Helping students express their thoughts and understand messages in fabulous literature is Sherrie's personal passion.

Lang. Arts Programs Year Round

Sherrie Thompson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Sacramento State University and an ESL teaching credential from the Washington Academy of Languages. Her passion is teaching reading and writing. She guides students through literature and helps them find their voices as writers.

Because she has served Rocklin students with reading and writing since she opened her business in 2008, she understands Rocklin's standards for essays and is familiar with the books read in the classrooms, both in Rocklin and in surrounding cities.

Programs in reading and writing are extra important in the summertime when students can focus more on their journeys as creative writers without the distractions of homework.


Low Tutor/Student Ratio for Writing Programs

We limit the number of students per table (maximum of 1 or 2) in our writing programs. Students work face to face with their tutor for the entire hour as they explore literature and writing. There is no need to worry if a student is too shy to express their ideas. With this face to face attention, students feel comfortable to express their ideas.

With current technology we possess, we are able to help students in the center and remotely with their essays in elementary school, high school, and college.