Our Team


Sherrie Thompson

I have a degree in English literature and composition from Sacramento State University and a teaching credential from the Washington Academy of Languages. I have been tutoring professionally for over 30 years, and I have happily owned this business for thirteen years.

My expertise is language arts for 6th grade through high school and college students. I am a skilled teacher of grammar, punctuation, literature, writing, French, and ESL.

I am committed to our local communities. My daughter was proud to be part of Rocklin High School’s graduating class of 2017. I regularly support all elementary and middle schools and Rocklin and Whitney High School. I have an understanding and a commitment to Rocklin and the other local communities.

I live in Lincoln, I was raised in Granite Bay, and I have lived in Roseville and Rocklin. Welcome to local, personal, and professional service!!



These tutors have or are finishing multiple subject teaching credentials or degrees. They are very capable of teaching reading, writing, math, science, and history to our 3rd grade through high school students. They skillfully share their knowledge with students as they help discouraged students find their motivation to do better. Because of their fun, friendly, and encouraging nature, they are always top-rated tutors on our team!


Darien Gardner

Darien skillfully teaches all levels of math because he has a masters degree in math from Sacramento State University. He can teach live in our center or online with Zoom. Either way, students receive a personal and individualized experience. All students finish feeling relieved they finally found someone who hears them and can explain difficult materials the way they need to hear it. Everyone learns differently, and Darien understands that; consequently, he is sensitive to where a student is at and knows how to reach them so they can succeed and feel confident . We are so glad he is on our team.


Ben Wilburn

Ben is very versatile. He has a multiple subject degree and is working on his masters degree in environmental science. He can teach math, biology, history, and language arts, so he works with our elementary students through high school students. He tutored all through college, so he has learned to tutor in many different ways until he finds ways that click for his students. His enthusiasm for tutoring and for the subjects he teaches is catching. His students find themselves enjoying their time with him once the material that was once so confusing becomes clear. I hear so often at his table, “That wasn’t so hard when you explain it that way!” Our students are so relieved as he makes complicated subjects so simple. We are lucky to have him.


Ken Moore

Ken has 30 years of teaching experience with elementary students. For us, he teaches reading, writing, and math for 3rd through 6th grade with sensitivity from his years of training. He also teaches all levels of language arts and writing for high school students. He has extensive expertise in creating curriculum as he assesses the needs of each student individually. Students become immediately attached to him because of his friendly and gentle demeanor. We are grateful he is a part of our team.