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Sherrie Thompson

I have a degree in English literature and composition from Sacramento State University and a teaching credential from Washington Academy of Languages. I have been tutoring professionally for over 20 years, and I have happily owned this business for ten. My expertise is language arts for 6th grade through high school and college students. I skillfully teach grammar, punctuation, literature, writing, French, and ESL.

I am committed to our local communities. My son was proud to be part of Rocklin High School’s graduating class of 2017. I regularly support all elementary and middle schools and Rocklin and Whitney High School. I have an understanding and a commitment to Rocklin and to the other local communities. I live in Rocklin, I was raised in Granite Bay, and I have lived in Roseville and in Lincoln. Welcome to local, personal, and professional service!!

Tyler Hall

Tyler has a degree in history, with a minor in economics. He is very capable of teaching multiple subjects to our 3rd grade through middle school students, including writing, reading, history, mathematics, the SAT & ACT, and Spanish. He skillfully shares his knowledge with his students as he helps discouraged students find their motivation to do better. Because of his fun, friendly, and encouraging nature, he is a very popular tutor on our team!

Chris McKenzie

Chris is very versatile; he can teach all levels of math, plus biology, physics, and chemistry, so he works with our 6th graders through high school and college students. He has tutored all through college, so he has learned to tutor in many different ways until he finds the way that clicks for his students. His enthusiasm for tutoring and for his subject material is catching. His students find themselves enjoying themselves once the material that was once so confusing becomes clear. Our students are so grateful that he has joined our team.

Ian Taurone

Ian Taurone has much experience tutoring, including creating the curriculum at a private school outside of Sacramento. He for us will share his skills teaching physics and all levels of math, including calculus and Integrated math as he finishes his degree in math and engineering at Sacramento State University in the spring. That excellence was after he finished Woodcreek High School where there (and in college) he was involved in endless clubs like engineering and robotics and leadership which gave him tutoring experience and an enjoyment of sharing his academic passions with his students. We are thrilled to have him share his enthusiasm with our students.

Heather Miles

Heather is an independent contractor connected to Rocklin’s Tutoring Team. Her payments are not through this website. They are an arrangement between you and her. She excels at the k-2nd grade levels of reading, writing, and math. She has much experience tutoring, including creating the curriculum at private schools. She uses the Barton Reading Program and many active and manipulative activities to engage young students and create their excitement with reading and math. She creates her own schedule before we even open, so please contact me so I can give you her information so your young one can get a head start on learning to love reading and math in many creative and fun ways! You can contact her at 916-752-5156.


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